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PDF Download wwgwh1 Sci Fi Wormhole N/A May 13, 2008 94.4mb
Designers: Denny Unger, Bob Cooper


Free Rules Available Now!

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WORMHOLE: The Sathricans

WorldWorksGames is proud to present “Wormhole”, a groundbreaking space combat game. Why groundbreaking? Because Wormhole is the only such game that allows anyone to build up a massive fleet without spending hundreds of dollars on expensive miniatures and rule books. Print, build and play! We’ve included everything you need in an easy to navigate package, stepping you through the entire process from planning your game to building your fleet.

No more painting! Dirt cheap fleets!

The vessels in the Sathrican fleet are highly-detailed and in full color! They're also easy to print and assemble. Best of all, when you want to expand your fleet, print out a few more pages and add them at pennies a page!

Focus on fun and immersion.

Wormhole's focus is on the fun, on spending less time making calculations and more time doing what you came here to do...blowing up enemy fleets! The bookkeeping is accomplished in an innovative, visual manner that isn't like anything you've ever seen before. Flip a switch, rotate a cube, and the battle goes on! We’ve scaled the rules so that you can add levels of depth as you become more comfortable with the mechanics.

Wormhole includes all of the Following:

  • Graphic User Interface: Click the “Launch Me” file once you’ve extracted Wormhole to your hard disk and you’ll be presented with an easy to follow breakdown of what’s included and how to access it for printing or on screen reference.
  • 51 page rulebook. Rules and instructions on how to play the game, including a variety of scenarios that change how it’s played and what your goals are. The rules have been carefully crafted, taking you step-by-step through a game in a highly visual format. The scenario section even gives you a progressive guild to building your fleet a few vessels at a time to fit each successively bigger, and tougher, scenario.
  • 66* page model instructions book: Every piece in the game, from simple flat counters to the massive Convoy Carrier comes complete with detailed instructions on how to build them. Advice is provided on materials to use, techniques to employ, and how to make your builds look amazing! We’ve even included links to complete online video build tutorials!
  • The TOS (Tactical Orders and Status system): Feel the power of your command by issuing orders on your TOS units. Flip switches and slide gauges to keep track of every vessel in your fleet! Six different styles of these easy-to-build and easy-to-use command units.
  • Command Trays: If you’ve played other wargames, then you know just how quickly your play area can get cluttered with charts and stat pages. We’ve included two variations on an easy to build “command tray”, which helps you organize and keep track of your entire fleet. TOS units insert into rows of organized nirvana! Table clutter be gone!
  • The Fleet: Six uniquely balanced vessels in two color formats (Royalist Blue and Separatist Orange). The repair support of the Convoy Carrier, the might of the Hammerhead Battlecruiser, the command support of the Control Corvette, the deep penetration of the Particlebow Frigate, the speed of the Missile Fighter and the aggression of the Skirmish Fighters. All beautifully detailed and easy to build!
  • Game Accessories: Amazing looking explosion templates, ship debris fields, insertable “data inserts” to track bonuses and abilities on your vessels, a fully collapsible ruler that fits right into the scene and setting, stat cards with all the information you need to know about each vessel. Missiles, self-destruct tokens, shuttles, escape pods, data cubes for “at a glance” fleet status, and yes...even various colors and with moving, "programmable" parts.
  • Online support: Wormhole comes with a pre-established community of enthusiastic WorldWorksGames users. We are there to answer all your questions and to act as a connecting point with other gamers. We support user created scenarios and “kitbashes” with our very own digital marketplace devoted to such creations.
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Product Line

Wormhole is a groundbreaking space combat game which allows anyone to build up a massive fleet without spending hundreds of dollars on expensive miniatures and rule books. Print, build and play! We’ve included everything you need in an easy to navigate package, stepping you through the entire process from planning your game to building your fleet.

Print, Build, Play! PDF download.

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Chris Schryer said:

I love Wormhole. It's a space combat game that stands in the considerable gap between Battleship (too simple) and Battlefleet Gothic (takes too long to play). Wormhole's unique dynamics allow players to effectively simulate strategic space combat without getting bogged down in momentum modifiers and 4 page damage tables. Easy to build, easy to expand fleets let players field anything from a light scouting force to a heavy assault fleet - all with a single download. Now the Verus expansion further expands the possibilities of the game. And with the WWG community behind it, there's a growing collection of fan made kitbashes available to provide scenarios, new ships, and even a modular space station. If you like space combat but don't want to get involved in a game that requires everyone to carry a binder, give Wormhole a try. You'll be glad you did.

P.S. in response to the previous review, I had a little trouble with the TOS units at first, but gluing a scrap piece of foamcore board to the inside front face of the TOS solved it for me. Just don't put any glue in the area where the slider travels.


Review Posted: July 22, 2011

Gatt Hastings said:

Overall a fantastic set as always, the graphics and textures a top notch, and all of the pieces where incredibly easy to put together and much less time consuming than lead minatures.

Unfortunately I have a few qualms,
The 3-D Tactical Order Stations dont seem to be all that durable, and I have extreme difficulty putting the sliders together without warping the entire model. Even with extra reinforcing this was a problem. Hopefully this will be fixed up in the upcoming expansion.
Also the rules seemed to miss a few small clarifiers that will not concern anybody who is not a rules nut, but unfortunately I am.
Also a proper rules reference sheet would have been nice, but hopefully this will be another addition.

So enough negativity, here are my recommendations,
1. Make 2D TOS or Make the 3D ones out of thicker cardstock.
2. Only sticky tape the TOS Switches when they are about to fall off.(Or score deeply and tape them initially)

All in all I have blown up a few qualms and missed mentioning all of the good stuff.

If you are wondering whether you should buy Wormhole,
the very fact that you were attracted to it initially means you will love it.

A fantastic groundbreaking set as always from Worldworks Games.


Review Posted: July 2, 2009

Viewing results 1-2 of 2
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$11.25 USD

Save 25%!

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