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Kitbash Download kb351 Sci Fi Fan Kitbashes NA April 30, 2011 4MB
Designers: Uncre8d1


WH Additional Ships Kitbash

Four new Wormhole ship-sized vessels from the creative mind of uncre8d1:

Aegis Escort Frigate
Nightshade Destroyer
Praetorian Escort Frigate
Civilian Ships

NOTE:  Wormhole Kitbashes are *unofficial* additions to the Wormhole game system.  They are not tested by our development staff, and may wind up being unbalanced.  Radiation leakage may occur.  Use at your own risk.

Kitbash Download $1.88 USD

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Product Line

Fan kitbashes are user generated content derived directly from our model sets, games, textures and terrain systems. Kitbashes are 100% free to owners of the original model sets from which they are derived but remain open for purchase to those who don't own or require the original offering.  

How to Submit a Kitbash

To submit a kitbash please see our submission guidelines here

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$1.88 USD

Save 25%!

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