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PDF Download wwgus1 Sci Fi Wormhole 1" Hex, zero grid July 23, 2007 29.5mb
Designers: Denny Unger, Bob Cooper



The “Uncharted Space: Sathrican Homeworld” premium PDF gaming mat (with props), is our first product targeted at tabletop, stellar-combat wargamers. This cost effective gaming mat allows users to create their very own 60” X 40” star mat and asteroid fields using a number of custom created graphic templates. By utilizing a home printer and a few basic materials, frugal gamers can build an awe inspiring game mat for their next engagement, in stages, as time and money allow.

And what vast stellar landscape would be complete without treacherous, rogue asteroid clusters? Uncharted Space includes 3-D asteroid clusters to fill the voids and add depth to your tactics. Uncharted Space includes clear instruction for each and every step along the way. Full diagrams and description guide you through the process making the building process easy for all skill levels.

Uncharted Space: Sathrican Homeworld” Includes all of the Following:

  •     Fully illustrated instructions for creating your very own game mat
  •     32 Zero grid space tiles covering a vast region of space
  •     32 1-inch Hex space tiles covering a vast region of space
  •     Fully illustrated instructions for creating 3-D asteroid clusters
  •     2 pages of varied asteroid cluster models
  •     Asteroid cluster stands
  •     Asteroid cluster basing in 1-inch Hex
  •     Asteroid cluster basing in Zero Grid
  •     Asteroid debris field tile
  •     Interactive User Interface (PC users only). Note to Mac users: You will need to extract the ".exe" file in order to use the files within this product. More info on extracting this file type can be found here:
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Product Line

Wormhole is a groundbreaking space combat game which allows anyone to build up a massive fleet without spending hundreds of dollars on expensive miniatures and rule books. Print, build and play! We’ve included everything you need in an easy to navigate package, stepping you through the entire process from planning your game to building your fleet.

Print, Build, Play! PDF download.

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$3.75 USD

Save 25%!

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