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A general exception to the above is granted for the following uses only:

  • Promotional posters and/or advertisements may include WorldWorksGames and/or WorldWorksGames product logos and images, provided the materials are promoting WorldWorksGames at a specific event.
  • Legitimate publications may reproduce images and artwork provided by WorldWorksGames in order to support reviews and/or articles featuring WorldWorksGames products.
  • Companies may use approved artwork, provided by WorldWorksGames for use in catalogs, electronic or in print, to promote wholesale or retail sales of WorldWorksGames products.

No endorsement by WorldWorksGames is implied for the above exceptions. They are provided at WorldWorksGames' discretion for use in the normal course of business. WorldWorksGames reserves the right to revoke any exception for any reason, including, but not limited to quality, brand confusion and/or licensing issues.

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