Printing Issues

HELP! My Printer is Cutting Off the Images!

WorldWorksGames model sets print well on most commercial printers. In some rare cases depending on the age of your printer you may experience margin problems or poor print quality. This is usually remedied by downloading the latest drivers from your printer manufacturers page. WorldWorksGames cannot be held liable for faulty printer drivers or settings.

HELP! My Models are Printing at the Wrong Scale!

Ensure the Page Scaling  setting is set to 'None'. In Adobe Reader, typically this setting shows up in the print dialog as a drop down box (not radio buttons or check marks). Make sure that you're not using any kind of Page Scaling AND that you have additional Fit to Page options turned OFF. Be sure to also check any additional printer settings within your printer software for automated scaling options and turn them off.

Additional Printer Troubleshooting

For live 24/7 help with any printer issues and for a complete database of solutions to related problems, please visit our Community Forums for full support. Click here to visit our support section.
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