FREE RoboCutter Files

Here you'll find our free archive of GSD or STUDIO files (we currently support CraftRobo & Silhouette SD automated cutting machines) for robocutter friendly products within our catalog. Typically, these files are included with their respective releases, but we've provided them here in open archive format as well.

GSD and STUDIO files open with a program known as “ROBO Master” or “Silhouette Studio”, which tells the cutting machine where to automatically cut and perforate on the printed page.

GSD / Studio File Archives

Battle Pack: Battle Basics
Dwarven Halls
Dwarven Halls: Tombs and Treasures
Dwarven Halls: Vault of the Ancients
Generic Floors
Generic Posts
Generic Props
Generic Walls
Himmelveil Canals
Himmelveil Sewers Booster
Himmelveil Sewers
Hinterland Cliffs
Hinterlands TLX
Lightning Gun
Mayhem Apartments
Mayhem Armoury #1

Mayhem Destroyed
Mayhem Underconstruction
Scenic Encounters
Streets of Himmelveil 1
Streets of Legend
The Garden
Titan Control
New format TLX stairs (2011)