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PDF Download wwgflretro Sci Fi Classics 1" May 1, 2005
Designers: Paul Senior


FirstLight: Retrofit


If you own FirstLight then you'll definitely want to expand your space faring frontiers with FirstLight: Retrofit! FL:Retrofit gives you all of the tools you need to create virtually any layout or ship design you can imagine. New Rooms, corridors, props and stair sections give you the ability to stack another layer onto your ship layouts giving you the ultimate in 3-D design flexibility.

FirstLight: Retrofit includes all of the following:

  • 7X5-inch Navigation Room. Comes with a hinged external "Scanner" boom that moves up and down, a variety of navigation consoles and holographic (transparencies) displays.
  • 3X5-inch Grease stained machine or engine room (with exterior wall details and roofing)
  • Large "L" Shaped containment room 8X4X5X3-inch. With gothic tech walls, exterior walls and roofing.
  • Corridor Blocking Portals & Security arches
  • 5 unique 7X7-inch swappable sci-fi floor tiles. Each tile has a distinctive design allowing you to customize your rooms as needed.
  • 3 incredibly detailed 1X2-inch "chunky" generic engineering stations. Inset panels, wires, cables, transformers and readout panels.
  • Medical or security "Containment Chamber" with top hatch, ladder and circular glass transparency.
  • Raised "Containment Platform" with 4 unique retaining walls. Solid metal, Green Plasma Grid (Transparency) and Blue Force Shield (Transparency), Tech Projected Display field (Transparency)
  • KitBashing Corridors 2X7" Straight Corridor, "L" Turn Corridor, "T" Intersection Corridor, "+" Crossroads Corridor. All corridors come with exterior wall details and roofing. Corridors also come in two unique floor pattern formats "with and without gutters".
  • Double Decker connecting staircase with windowed side walls and roofing.
  • Massive topside BetaProton Turret with swiveling mounts. Base unit included allows you to mount the turret on a ground based station.
  • Spacecore missle launcher assembly.
  • Port and Starboard side wing extensions with additional thruster engine mounts.
  • Heavy duty Hydraulic landing gear
  • 12 unique raised platform designs to add more depth to room layouts. These platforms come in all shapes and sizes with incredible texture detail.
  • Large and small step & stair designs to add to your multileveled room layouts.
  • A variety of hand rails to define control stations, prevent falling from platforms and generally add a "cool" factor to your room layouts.
  • Tactical display table with a variety of holographic overlays (transparency & non transparency variants)
  • Computer Core station
  • 2 unique tech consoles with displays
  • Wall shelves for utility rooms and or barracks
  • No spaceship would be complete without a high tech toilet and shower assembly... it's in there too ;)
  • 4 viewscreens and bases with a variety of display inserts (both transparencies and non). Includes blank inserts for your own viewscreen designs.
  • 2 "Plug in" door kits to place door sections wherever you need them most.
  • Upper wall bracing to help remedy problems some people had with warping (using improper high water content glue).
  • Easy to follow detailed photographic instructions for novice and pro alike. Includes unique kitbashing guides for various elements of the model set.
  • 24/7 customer support via the extremely popular WorldWorks forums to help you with your builds or simply to hang out and chat. We're here for you!
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Duncan Day said:

I bought this at the same time as the first light set, as I wanted lots of sci-fi to play with. That was several months ago, and I haven't stopped building with this stuff yet! I was very pleased at how these sets complement one another without too much overlap. While they provide an "ideal build" guide for making it fit the standard FL ship, there is limitless flexibility in how you can mix parts to create anything you can think of for a cool futuristic spacecraft setting. The attention to detail and quality of the textures is outstanding. They went the extra distance to create a number of nicely detailed smaller peices to dress up rooms and corridors to make these sets much more than mere 3D gaming terrain; they are high quality paper models that are a joy to build and display just for the fun of it! This set is a must have for anyone considering the Fisrt Light set.


Review Posted: June 2, 2006

Randall Lofton said:

Just more of the same, well yes. But then more of the same kind of outstanding is also outstanding. If anything could actually improve the First Light set, then it would be more options, more features to be used and more high quality items to fill all that wonderful gaming space. Well yes, that's what is offered here and it still an outstanding set at a great price.

I haven't mentioned durability before, but I will now. I find the terrain reusable and really as durable or more so than many other materials and incredibly easy to replace if damaged. And did I mention NO PAINTING, but that may not be a problem with some for getting that critical piece on the table for the next game for some people. That this isn't just one piece, but a whole starship or outpost or...well, what can you imagine?

Is there a downside, sigh, yes. You will challenged to imagine uses and build them and to game with them. Not a great challenge as the building can be fun too. Imagination you have and gaming fun is the payoff, so maybe there isn't a real downside.

Buy it, you can't beat the price or the possibilities.


Review Posted: September 24, 2005

Viewing results 1-2 of 2
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$5.63 USD

Save 25%!

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