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PDF Download wwgflxx Sci Fi N/A 28mm December 27, 2007 24mb
Designers: Alberto Silva


A FirstLight XX

"No matter what you might have read, the Global Office doesn't exist. Those six agents the Nova Security Forces arrested during the FirstLight incident are surely part of an independent (maybe private) operative. Neither NATO, nor the six implied countries (Mexico, USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany and New Alexandria) support or finance their actions."

The Global Office Agents:

  •     1x Female Wrestler: Tina Tormento (MEX).
  •     1x Grey Cap Hacker: "Mr. Nicks" (USA).
  •     1x Disinfection Expert: Ubel Brandt (GER).
  •     1x Fighter Pilot: "Mint" Mignault (CAN).
  •     1x Hooligan: Casey Brennan (IRL).
  •     1x Space Tuareg: Ammenay (NAX).

The Security Forces:

  •     6x Nova Troopers.
  •     2x Ravaged Trooper.
  •     2x Trooper Casualty (2 variations).
  •     1x Captain Caronte.
  •     1x Robot Operator.
  •     1x Nova Fireman.
  •     1x Nova Fireman (Napalm Suit).

The Robots:

  •     8x Cyclosim cleaners.
  •     3x Barracuda Lenses.
  •     2x Brainbug Drones.
  •     1x Disposable Syringe.
  •     1x Cargo Robot + Platform.
  •     1x Assembly Line Robot.

Giant Space Bunny Not Included.

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