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PDF Download wwgswfl Sci Fi Classics 1" April 1, 2005
Designers: Paul Senior



FirstLight takes your players inside and outside the starship of their dreams! You're not limited to one ship design with static prop placement; with FirstLight you can create a starship of unlimited size and complexity. From hulking space Junkers , small renegade cargo ships to sprawling space stations.

Sliding Doors:

Sliding doors show open and closed-door states.

Concealment "Room Covers":

Room and corridor covers that allow you to conceal each area of your ship as the play evolves. Remove room covers one at a time tracking player's movements and hiding crucial plot points.

Props Galore:

Not only do we give you the foundations to create a gargantuan starship but we've loaded it with props. From crew quarter elements, bridge systems, computer terminals and exterior communications/ordinance props, it's all in here!

Corridor gutters:

Not all miniatures are slim space starlets with no weapons. FirstLight takes into account that your minis may have gargantuan plasma rifles and other weapons which make moving in tight spaces an issue. We've created half-inch gutters on each side of the modular corridors to facilitate the weapon clad combat you are bound to enjoy!

SpaceWorks: FirstLight Includes all of the Following:

  •     3x5-inch room modules (combine to create larger rooms and superstructures)
  •     4x6-inch room modules with windows (combine to create larger rooms and superstructures)
  •     1-inch sliding doors
  •     6-inch corridor modules (combine to create larger corridors and superstructures)
  •     9-inch corridor modules (combine to create larger corridors and superstructures)
  •     Bridge w/seats and science platform w/console
  •     Main reactor core w/external engine nozzle heads
  •     Peacemaker plasma turrets w/ guns
  •     Detachable escape pod w/double seats and console
  •     Multipurpose tub room w/external sensor mount
  •     Multi-use detachable cargo bays w/2-inch sliding doors and 3-inch hinged door elements
  •     Communications Radar dish
  •     Versatile antennas
  •     1-inch cargo containers
  •     2-inch cargo containers
  •     2-inch corridor consoles and substructures
  •     Crew bunks
  •     Crew galley
  •     Crew lockers
  •     Crew table
  •     Crew argonomic chairs
  •     Tech suit locker
  •     5 unique computer console designs (2x 2 in high, 2x 1/2 in high, double sided)
  •     Airlock w/roof
  •     Exterior finishing edging
  •     Exterior hull plating and roofing for all sections
  •     ladder
  •     Wedge hull forms to create unique exterior designs
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Product Line

What Makes a Classic?

WWG Classics is a special area dedicated to products which have continued to excel despite their longevity. Many of these products carry with them their own unique format and remain highly useful for their intended purpose.

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Dennis O'Brien said:

If you are using miniatures and playing Star Wars, Star Trek, Traveller, Serenity, or Babylon 5 then buy this set immediately. First Light is a very versatile set, and can be used as a ship for the player characters to wander the spaceways with, as elements of a space station 'Five Miles Long', or as wreck found during a voyage of exploration.

My own build was of cabins and corridors for use in a Babylon 5 game - rather than making permanent connections I set it up for use as a soundstage, elements that could be put together for a specific scene, then rearranged later for a firefight down a lonely stretch of corridor.

And do look at the Addon pack - making the set a much better fit for both Star Wars and Star Trek.

Five out of five, even if I never did get to run my Babylon 5 game.


Review Posted: June 18, 2009

Keith Leonard said:

FirstLight was my first "major" build from WWG and despite its detail, the process to get it done was much easier than I ever expected. As with all of the WWG games I have, the instructions and the patterns were easy to understand. The modular design of the set really makes it easy to create ships of many different types.

I currently run a Serenity RPG, where the ship is almost like a player character, and the FirstLight Freighter was the crew's first ship. It really brought a new level to my game and the players really got attached to it.


Review Posted: June 8, 2009

Robert Vaughan said:

This is a set that is GREAT for the space traveling crowd. you can do pretty anything ya need with it from a spaceship/dungeon crawl to a nice display piece. i highly recomend it to any scifi fans out there


Review Posted: June 2, 2006

Duncan Day said:

I've been creating and building paper models for a few years now, and this is the first one I've actually paid money for. First off, the price was right...nice and affordable, to be sure. Second, the quality was excellent. My expectations were also high, but I wasn't disappointed. Nice parts designs, overall, great textures, nice modularity, expandability (is that even a word?), and kit-bash-ability (now that's definitely not a real word). Moving parts like doors, turrets and scanners, and transparency parts are always a delight and a sign of real creativity. I loved this set and haven't much that's negative to say....I found the tabs abit big throughout (easily rememdied by trimming), and some of the props and smaller bits designed to add detail to the set should have been more detailed. I found some of them to be a bit angular and clunky. Finally, a pet peeve of mine is inefficient layout; like when a single small part is alone on a page. More parts-cramming could definitley be done to save your customers on wasted white space on their valuable card stock. That's getting pretty nit-picky, I know, but I wanted to give some feedback. All in all, this is an excellent set of paper models at even a much higher price, and at the prices we pay, a truly excellent deal.


Review Posted: December 29, 2005

Randall Lofton said:

I had very high expectations for this set when I first saw it and then decided to buy it. I was actually stunned to find that my desire for accuracy, detail and flexability were exceeded by an amount that was almost daunting. My only problem with this set has been trying to decide how to use all the great features and it only got worse with the release of the Retrofit set with even more options.

The set is beautiful and easy to work with to create truly interesting gaming experiences. The modularity makes it reusable and flexible. A very pertinent comment is cost, for the price of this set you might be able to get one or two limited use resin or metal scenery accessories, with this set you get enough to build entire conplexes and the starships of your dreams.

Be sure to check out the build pictures on the WWG site for just a few of the visions so far realized.


Review Posted: September 24, 2005

Viewing results 1-5 of 5
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$8.63 USD

Save 25%!

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