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PDF Download wwgmr Modern The Vault 1", 1.5", zero grid January 6, 2007
Designers: Scott Reid


Mayhem Rail

Please note: Track  tiles not included with this set.

The City of Mayhem just got commuter friendly (although I suppose that depends on who’s along for the ride)! Re-enact your favorite epic superhero and action-star battles at high speed with ‘Mayhem Rail’.

‘Mayhem Rail’ offers gamers a unique opportunity to play both inside and out of subway cars and more importantly you can build as many train cars as you want for pennies! With fully removable roofing every detail is represented right down to the “questionable” seating, the sticky handrails, the garbage strewn flooring and those oh so entertaining dubious in-car ads. ;) Both clean and graffiti versions are represented giving you the option to dress your train cars in a suitable grim for those neglected corners of your city or shinny and new for the more civilized parts of town. Raised subway station platforms for your citizens to board at each stop! Tie that all together with a number of props and custom ground tiles and you have yourself a fantastic addition to your growing city! The action possibilities are endless, just think of the chaos you can create with this one addition to Mayhem!

Mayhem Rail includes all of the following:

    Subway Platforms

  •         1-inch, 1.5-inch and no-grid versions are all represented
  •         Optional platform roofing
  •         Platform ramps
  •         Platform bikerack (with bikes in 8 colors!)
  •         Platform ticket machines
  •         Platform benches
  •         Steel Support columns
  •         Station street signage

    Subway Cars

  •         Both “Graffiti” and “Clean” versions of rail cars are supplied
  •         “Graffiti” and “Clean” windows transparencies
  •         Driver compartment with control panel, seat and cabinet separator
  •         6”X3” Passenger compartments with hand rails and seating
  •         Removable roofing elements
  •         Fully detailed undercarriage for those “Hollywood derailings”!
  •         Working doors!
  •         Train mounted destination markers
  •         And as always this product comes with fully detailed step-by-step photographed instructions to guide you through the building process

    Thanks in advance for your direct support of WorldWorks Games!


PDF Download $8.63 USD

Save 25%!

Product Line

Semi-retirement WorldWorksGames Style

The Vault is a special archive of our "Print, Build, Play!" products, circa 2002 upward, which utliize systems and standards developed prior to the introduction of TerrainlinX and other systems 2009 onward. Perfectly useable in their original format and an open archive of our continued terrain evolution.

Click here for more detailed descriptions of the systems used in these products.

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Cauquil Lionel said:

Hi! what is the GSD files, can i open them? with wath?


Review Posted: June 3, 2020

j sammut said:

needs a railroad pdf you need to purchase mayhem streets first.


Review Posted: December 30, 2011

Robert Neal said:

All aboard!

The Mayhem Rail set gives your figures a great way to beat rush hour traffic and relax on the commute home...

...or a place for villains to plan a mobile hostage situation in which heroes need to intervene and save the day.

The set includes rail cars (with and without graffiti), a passenger platform, benches, bike racks, ticket machines - everything the weary Mayhem City commuter needs to get to and from work.

It's a great set and an excellent addition to your Urban Mayhem setting.


Review Posted: June 23, 2009

Viewing results 1-3 of 3
Page: 1
$8.63 USD

Save 25%!

Was $11.50 USD