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PDF Download wwgcwu Fantasy Classics 1", 1.5" January 10, 2004 73mb
Designers: Denny Unger


CastleWorks Ultimate

From Keep to Palace, design  any style of castle as large or as small as you can imagine! Tower sections open to reveal fully detailed interiors with removable flooring. Build double or triple high wall sections and access them with stone staircases or a complex network of ladders and catwalks. A FULLY FUNCTIONING Gatehouse! Modular courtyard buildings with exquisite exterior and interior detail. Stack room modules high or join together to create massive superstructures or small hovels! Unique build formats to suit all skill levels: simple, moderate and complex. Crenelations, Towers, gatehouse and other items can be constructed as easy or as complex as you feel comfortable with.

CastleWorks Ultimate includes all of the Following

  •     Straight, Curved, Single Column and half wall sections. Texture variants include ridged, stucco, plain stone.
  •     Simple, Moderate and Complex crenelations
  •     Wooden hoarding
  •     Simple towers in both plain stone & stucco variants
  •     Complex Modular tower. Three separate levels with two types of floor inserts.
  •     Complex, Simple and Peaked tower topper designs
  •     Three moat sections to surround your castle. Water inserts hide hazards
  •     Gatehouse comes in two variants, simple and complex with fully functional gate and bridge system.
  •     Plaster and Stonehouse structures. Each variant comes in two story segments.
  •     Complex and simple roof designs with optional windows and door awnings.
  •     Unique Catwalk and ladder system to extend ledges and bridge heights
  •     Curtain Arch attaches to buildings and walls
  •     Additional door designs for custom placement and modification
  •     Additional window designs for custom placement and modification
  •     Window and water transparency templates for added realism
  •     Interior staircase
  •     Exterior stone steps
  •     Two pages of unique flags and Signage
  •     Simple stone arch
  •     Door awnings
  •     1-inch 6X6, 3X6 ground tiles, building bases, filler ground tiles and wall bases in both PaperLinX and Classic Masterboard standards
  •     1.5-Inch 4X4, 3X4 ground tiles, building bases, filler ground tiles and wall bases in both PaperLinX and Classic Masterboard standards
  •     PaperLinX tabs and fillers
  •     Bringing it all together guide
  •     Online video tutorials and community support via the WorldWorks website.


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John Morrison said:

Without a doubt CastleWorks: Ultimate is a versatile set that never ceases to amaze me! I have nothing but praise for this set.

I always wondered why they never made an expansion set for this "Crown Jewel" of WWG products.


Review Posted: June 4, 2009

Michael Flanagan said:

OMG!!! What can I say about this set is that this is one of the best items money can buy. Unlimited possibilities with this set. One of my favorites!!!!!!


Review Posted: May 27, 2006

Frank Cotton said:

What a set ! This was my third WorldWorks project (after VillageWorks and InteriorWorks Pubs & Inns). I am glad I honed my skills on these earlier simpler builds because my ever growing Castle looks absolutely awesome. This isn't to say it's complicated to build (although the most advanced version of the Gatehouse is a bit fiendish), but the results look absolutely fantastic once you learn how to avoid any slight pitfalls such as poor edging and warping walls (easily mastered with the fantastic help on the WW Forums).

Anyway, CWU consists of a collection of peices (wall, towers, buildings, roofs, moat, gatehouse etc) that enable you to build anything from a modest little keep through to a major fortress. It does take a little time (and in and paper) to produce a large build, but boy is it worth it. Fun too build and impressive to behold. Undoubtedly the BEST $15 I have ever spent on a wargaming product EVER !!!


Review Posted: May 26, 2006

Paul Reid said:

I've just started to print and assemble some of the simpler parts of this set and I must say I am very impressed. I have scratch built buildings and used plaster kits in the past, but the speed and simplicity of the Worldworks system, plus the fact that they are just really nice models has converted me! I can see me buidling card models with my young son for fun, not just for gaming purposes


Review Posted: March 14, 2006

Viewing results 1-4 of 4
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$8.63 USD

Save 25%!

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