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PDF Download wwgmt Modern PropsMaster 28-32mm August 8, 2011 21.29mb
Designers: Matthew Lyon


Mayhem Traffic crams your table with enough modern vehicles to make LA rush hour look like a Sunday drive! Fully revised and expanded, this set contains robocutter compatible templates of all the vehicles you need to turn your urban gamescapes into gridlocked nightmares! From vans to motocycles, buses to hatchbacks, even sports cars, taxis and septic trucks, this set has it all!

Mayhem Traffic includes all of the following:

  • 3 Buses for City, School and Private routes
  • 5 modular Trucks including Septic truck, Flatbed and Garbage truck
  • 6 Motorcycles
  • 6 Hatchbacks including Retro style and Drift racers
  • 6 Vans including Mercenary Team and Plumber
  • 6 Sports cars including 80s Retro and Time Traveler
  • 7 Modern Sedans including Taxis, Pizza delivery and Student driver

And of course, full robo-cutter support and fully illustrated instructions to guide you through the building process.

PDF Download $4.88 USD

Save 25%!

Product Line

Looking for that extra special bit of set dressing to decorate your layout? Cruising the apocalyptic roads of warzone...whatever? PropsMaster is here to fill out all those special tabletop terrain needs! Furniture, genre specific mini-props, vehicles of all shapes and sizes, its all here!

  • Print, Build, Play! PDF download.
  • Various build modes
  • 28mm to 32mm scale props and vehicles

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Matthew Minnie said:

I cannot praise this set enough. I use this set for my HeroClix games, and even though the scale is 28-30mm it is a simple matter of just readjusting the scale(I increased the buses from 100% to about 110%)


Review Posted: October 28, 2017

Vell Smith said:

This product was excellent in every way except for one small detail. The scale is listed at 28-32mm, but when compared to some 28-30mm figures I was going to use with this set, the buses are rather small. Even though I had to rescale some of the vehicles, this is well worth the price!


Review Posted: August 3, 2013

Viewing results 1-2 of 2
Page: 1
$4.88 USD

Save 25%!

Was $6.50 USD