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PDF Download wwgmsp Modern PropsMaster 28-32mm July 27, 2011 15.1mb
Designers: Matthew Lyon, Denny Unger


Mayhem Street Props blows the doors off with a massive assortment of props to bring your city streets to life! Fully revised and expanded, this set contains almost any object or prop you can think of! From vending machines to ATMs, bus benches to street signs, even dumpsters to phone booths this set has it all! Completely updated with full Robocutter compatibility!

Mayhem Street Props includes all of the following:

  • 1 Complex Phone Booth
  • 3 Simple Phone Booths
  • 3 International Phone Booths
  • 1 Fire hydrant
  • 6 Parking meters
  • 3 Vending Machines
  • 7 Billboards and Stand
  • 2 Phone Stands
  • 2 Garbage Cans
  • Dumpster
  • Mailbox
  • Newspaper dispensers
  • Bus Shelter
  • 4 Bus benches
  • 24 unique Street Signs (Rd, Ave, St, etc)
  • 12 unique Traffic signs (STOP, Turn, Yield, etc)
  • Decorative Planter box
  • 2 Litter bins (city park type)
  • 3 single Oil drums
  • 1 triple Oil drum
  • Street Lamp with optional Traffic Lights
  • Railroad crossing
  • Telephone Pole with optional Transformer
  • City Fountain
  • Roof-top Water Tower
  • Subway Entrance
  • 6 Construction Barricades
  • 4 Concrete Barriers
  • Ice Dispenser

And of course fully illustrated instructions to guide you through the building process.

PDF Download $4.88 USD

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Product Line

Looking for that extra special bit of set dressing to decorate your layout? Cruising the apocalyptic roads of warzone...whatever? PropsMaster is here to fill out all those special tabletop terrain needs! Furniture, genre specific mini-props, vehicles of all shapes and sizes, its all here!

  • Print, Build, Play! PDF download.
  • Various build modes
  • 28mm to 32mm scale props and vehicles

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$4.88 USD

Save 25%!

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