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PDF Download wwgsegr Fantasy Scenic Encounters N/A February 12, 2011 5mb
Designers: Bob Cooper, Alberto Silva


Scenic Encounters: Goblin Raid

Goblin Raid is the first in a new series for WorldWorks Games: Scenic Encounters. These are short single-setting encounters written for use with the 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons RPG and designed to work with one specific WorldWorks terrain set. Goblin Raid is designed as a 6th level encounter, and works with the Hinterlands terrain set.

An army, even a Goblin army, marches on its stomach...and Tharak and his band of Goblins have come to the Hollingsworth Orchard with mayhem in mind, but with the simplest of motivations. Within you will find all the details to both build and run the encounter, along with three new standees by Alberto Silva.

  • Hobgoblin Leader
  • Goblin Archers
  • Apple-flinging Goblin Lackeys

Everything you need to run the encounter with Tharak and his sizable Goblin troop!

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Product Line

Sometimes you just need a quick encounter which plugs into your existing adventure. Scenic Encounters includes everything you need to build a speedy scenario revolving around a specific terrain location. Backstory, character breakdowns, layout suggestions and even standees make these fun little encounters very hard to resist!

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Michael Proteau said:

I enjoyed this little side-trek -- I threw it at my kids while they played through the starter box for 5th edition D&D. It fit in nicely in Phandalin, up on the Edermath Orchard.

What you're getting from this module is a single 4th edition encounter. There's really not a whole lot to it, but it offers up a creative idea and good stat blocks and tactics for your opponents. The minis are cute, but only the one hobgoblin leader has unique back art. The other minis are mirrored. Coupled with the fact that the bases are built into the minis, they won't have a lot of reuse for me.

Why only 3 stars? Because I came up with my own layout, I modified the trees to fold-flat, modified the encounter for 5th edition, and won't be keeping the minis around since they don't store flat like my other minis. But, it was a creative idea, and since I have a machine cutter, the minis were a snap to build even if I don't use them again. And, it really wasn't that expensive.


Review Posted: February 7, 2016

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$2.25 USD

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