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PDF Download wwgsele Fantasy Scenic Encounters N/A April 3, 2011 5mb
Designers: Bob Cooper, Alberto Silva


Scenic Encounters: Literary Error

There's trouble at the local bookseller's. A creature from the Nine Hells has come for a soul contract, and will stop at nothing to procure and safeguard it.

Literary Error is the second in a new series for WorldWorks Games: Scenic Encounters. These are short single-setting encounters written for use with the 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons RPG and designed to work with one specific WorldWorks terrain set. Literary Error is designed as a 3rd level encounter, and works with the Thoumont's terrain set (either the original set or the TerrainLinX conversion).

Within you will find all the details to both build and run the encounter, along with two new standees by Alberto Silva (a 2.5D Imp and a wide variety of animated tomes), everything you need to run the encounter with Old Pointy as he sets up shop.

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Sometimes you just need a quick encounter which plugs into your existing adventure. Scenic Encounters includes everything you need to build a speedy scenario revolving around a specific terrain location. Backstory, character breakdowns, layout suggestions and even standees make these fun little encounters very hard to resist!

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