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PDF Download wwgms Sci Fi Classics 1" September 1, 2005
Designers: Paul Senior


Mars Station

On the tortured, ancient, windswept surface of Mars in 2175, danger lurks. Explore modular buildings that come with fully detailed interiors and props to make a variety of structures: Workroom, Communication room, Laboratory, or Tavern. There are twenty unique walls, with various combinations of window and doors. Add doors, clear windows and even a second story, then dress it all up with unique Street Tech props. Grab some cover behind fences and barricades in the industrial zone.

The action can move from the dusty streets to the rocky canyons of the red planet. Explore the mystery and danger of the Martian desert with our revolutionary modular Canyon construction system. Build them any height from 6 inches high to just half an inch. Stack them up and add steps and a bridge! This modular Canyon building system is super easy to build and endlessly customizable.

Mars Station includes all of the following:

  •     15 ground tiles - Mars terrain, industrial, floors and roofs. 1" Grid and No Grid options.
  •     20 modular building walls, interior and exterior, flat or angled roofs, railings.
  •     Two man crawler.
  •     Street props. Lamp/signpost, concrete barriers, stairs and catwalk.
  •     Industrial props. Fences, five machines, horizontal and vertical storage tanks with base.
  •     Our Revolutionary Canyon building system (well worth the price of the set all on its own!).
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Vell Smith said:

Great product and worth the price! Would like to see layers available on the models and of course a sequel.


Review Posted: August 3, 2013

Peter Szarka said:

This is my first set, and I love it. There is very, very big variability in it. I recommend it for every sci-fi player and mostly for Borderlands fans! ;)


Review Posted: June 3, 2012

Evan Hisey said:

It may be an old set, but after I purchased and built it in 2010 it was an instant hit with my Wargamer group. The ability to create multi tier building of what ever floor plan we wanted is a great boon for a Sci-fi set.

The cavern system alone is worth getting this set. it makes fast, strong varied terrain that can hold even the largest of the metal minis by either GW or Privateer Press.


Review Posted: July 25, 2011

Dennis Davis said:


Review Posted: April 7, 2011

John Morrison said:

A truly amazing set with much potential for both wargames and role playing games.

The buildings are just fantastic and fairly straight forward in building if you follow the instructions provided.

The textures are beyond this world!


Review Posted: June 4, 2009

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$8.63 USD

Save 25%!

Was $11.50 USD