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Kitbash Download wwgmbop105 Sci Fi Fan Kitbashes 1", 1.5", zero-grid June 11, 2008 69MB
Designers: Curt Voiles



MegaBash by Curt Voiles, Aubrey Erickson, and Bob Cooper

We have Outpost 105 squarely in sight... and it is an imposing defensive structure! Outpost 105 is the second in our line of Megabashes: sets derived entirely from previous works (in this case, Platform Command: Operation Nightwatch). Outpost 105 is designed to provide you a quick, efficient defensive structure with a ton of flexibility in how it can be laid out and designed.

As with the original Platform Command, all of Outpost 105 is based around a 1" texture. While it will blend in well with any Platform Command set, we've also shown you in the preview pictures above that Outpost 105 can sit nicely in a wide variety of different scenes and settings. From a stranded martian base, to a lush jungle fort, to a military mech plant, to a desolate outpost in a hellish landscape, the possibilities are endless with Outpost 105!

Platform Command: Outpost 105 includes the following items:

  • Low Walls (Straight, Corner, and Entrance)
  • Medium Walls (Straight and Entrance)
  • Towers (Single, Double, Small and Large Top)
  • Buildings In Every Combination of 3", 4" and 7" Sides.
  • Angled Wall Sections (Single Piece, or Separate With a Walkway Across It)
  • High Walls (Regular and Entrance) to Match the Command Center
  • The Command Center Itself... a Massive 7x7 Tall Structure
  • All of the bits and pieces of Outpost 105 builds quickly and easily, for a net end result of a base that will grow faster than you might expect.

So get your troops up on those walls, and prepare to defend against whatever the galaxy has to throw at you!

Kitbash Download $4.50 USD

Save 25%!

Product Line

Fan kitbashes are user generated content derived directly from our model sets, games, textures and terrain systems. Kitbashes are 100% free to owners of the original model sets from which they are derived but remain open for purchase to those who don't own or require the original offering.  

How to Submit a Kitbash

To submit a kitbash please see our submission guidelines here

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John Morrison said:

This set is well thought out and looks amazing on its own.

Perfect as a industrialized Outpost.

However, when mixed with PCON sets whence it derived from, is when the shine starts to fade. Platform Command/ Outpost 105 is taller than PCON so you can not add elements such as the platforms and balconies to the walls of Outpost 105.

Also there is no interiors to this set.

If your looking for a stand alone PCON style fortification then look no further. This set delivers! The instructions are wonderfully prepared and explained. They will show you how to make different style buildings for your Outpost.

Overall it is worth purchasing. Good set.


Review Posted: June 4, 2009

Viewing results 1-1 of 1
Page: 1
$4.50 USD

Save 25%!

Was $6.00 USD