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PDF Download wwgpodtel Sci Fi Swift Scenics 1:60 / 28mm August 15, 2011 14.7 MB
Designers: Christopher Roe



Semi-automated Podtels blight the poorer regions of urban sprawl like concrete-and-metal mushrooms. Each room is unlocked by merely swiping a cash card and choosing from a menu, and there is no on-site staff or concierge. This makes Podtels appealing to a rather shady clientele ranging from those who are simply down on their luck to drug addicts, prostitutes, and criminals.

Out of the box, you can build a clean Podtel from the early days, or grunge it up into a seedy hot pillow or squatter complex with the following bonus items:

  •     6 variant capsules with damaged and foil-lined windows
  •     24 variant capsule side walls with graffiti, burnt out lightbulbs, damaged glass, and more
  •     5 variant balconies with trash piles and 1 variant balcony with blood splatters
  •     3 variant advertising panels (2 broken and 1 with an alternate ad)
  •     2 variant toppers (1 deactivated and 1 with an alternate animated sign)
  •     2 variant doorways with escort service flyers and pizza/takeout ads

This set also includes automated GSD cutting files and illustrated instructions.

PDF Download $4.88 USD

Save 25%!

Product Line

SwiftScenics allows gamers to quickly "Print, Build, Play!" a variety of simple exterior structures to fill large sections of their game table in a very short time. Structures in the SwiftScenics line are VERY quick to build and some even collapse flat for storage or can be permanently mounted for static builds.

For a complete breakdown and dimensions please view the overview here.

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David Smith said:

I liked how easy it was to build. Ended up putting more support on the inside just because I can end up being heavy handed, and wanted just a bit more strength in the base and center column. also love how easy it was to modify the signs to fit more in line with the universe we play in.


Review Posted: June 26, 2018

Alfred Turner said:

The finished product looks real good. The model itself went together easy with enough of a fudge factor built in that minor goofs do not impact the final look. A nice addition for anyone who wants to add something extra to a near future scenario. BZ to everyone involved in the developement.


Review Posted: September 30, 2011

Dennis Davis said:

All I can do is reiterate what Jeremy said. Other than those words I feel this is a great addition to any SCI-FI landscape for a city and the ability to make it shorter or taller with optional signage gives more city skyline possibilities. Have built one with the standard setup but will start making shorter and taller centerpieces and a mix of rings with the various states of signs and pods them self.


Review Posted: August 26, 2011

Jeremy Bernhardt said:

This bad boy is HUGE! It is also a really quick build for its size. In case you're wondering just how big this thing really is, the standard 4 story version is 11.5" tall and the rings are roughly 9.5" across.

The variant signs and walls are really nice additions. And there is plenty of real estate on the blank walls, signs, and main entrance to add your own details.

If you want a taller or shorter Podtel, you don't need to break out a ruler and start designing your own kitbashes. There is a sheet of central pillar extensions to add to the regular center pillar (join inside with scrap card strips for a smooth, seamless joint), and a central pillar with score and cut lines already marked for making models with less than 4 floors.

The Podtel is worth every bit of the $6.50 I spent on it.


Review Posted: August 18, 2011

Viewing results 1-4 of 4
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$4.88 USD

Save 25%!

Was $6.50 USD