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PDF Download wwgsot Sci Fi TerrainLinX 1", 1.5", No Grid / 28-32mm July 12, 2011 168 MB
Designers: Paul Senior


Far below Starship Titan, the streets of a vast, decaying high-tech metropolis. Freaks and mutants crawl in the shadows as heavily armed law enforcement struggle to prevent chaos taking over for good. The perfect foundation for your far future campaign and skirmish settings!

Streets of Titan includes all of the following:

Tiles and Foundation Items:

  • 24 6x6 x3 Grids
  • 3 6x3 x3 Grids
  • 6 3x3 x3 Grids
  • 3" Railings
  • 6" Railings
  • 6 and 9 inch balcony and buttress
  • 1 Inch, 1.5 and 3 inch wide steps
  • 6" Wall x4
  • 3" Wall x2
  • Ramp with 6 and 3 inch backs


  • Power Plug
  • Bollard
  • Fence
  • Traffic Island
  • 2 exclusive reskins of the Veloce Brio grav car

Also includes illustrated instructions and Robocutter compatible GSD files!

PDF Download $8.63 USD

Save 25%!

Product Line

Introduced to our catalog in late 2009, TerrainlinX is our PDF "Print, Build, Play" 100% modular terrain system. Includes full automated craftcutter (Robocutter) support making it the ultimate home fabrication terrain alternative. Build as much as you want, as BIG as you want, whenever you want!

FREE instructions, video of the system in action and dimensions: click here!

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John Holler said:

Very nice "cyberpunk" themed set which works well for Necromunda. It is missing the balcony template, however, so you have to buy the original titan set if you actually want to use the balconies that come with this.

It would've also been nice to see some floor tiles that would work when used as roof tiles or indoor tiles. The only ones that come close have man-holes which don't make sense on top of (or inside of) a building.


Review Posted: October 31, 2014

Dennis Davis said:

afew minor bumps on first day of releasse but due to all the store front changes and the quickness it was addressed I still give this set 5 stars due to art work, the fast response to correct the file and how fast the tile set was included into the TLX Planner.

the art is awesome giving a great "Blade Runner" feel if you so choose.
I have started doing some build outs and am working on a city scape of 3X3 with the inclusion of Titan and Titan control the build out is coming together nicely.

I am a fan of Paul's work especially the Titan series. thank you Paul S.


Review Posted: August 4, 2011

Viewing results 1-2 of 2
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$8.63 USD

Save 25%!

Was $11.50 USD