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PDF Download wwgspp Western / Victorian PropsMaster 25-32mm July 25, 2011
Designers: Matthew Lyon, Bob Cooper


"Lot 600, ladies and gentlemen, is a marble statue of a roman soldier, sword held high. May I start the bidding..."

We've repacked all of the props from the original Shellendrak sets (Shellendrak Manor and Return to Shellendrak Manor), added full robocutter compatiblity,  a few special extras here and there and custom adjustments for TLX enhancement!

Within, you will find...

Interior Props:

  • Bathroom (sink, toilet and tub, clean, dirty and even bloody)
  • Dining Room (a dozen chairs, two kinds of banquet table)
  • Bedroom (marble fireplace, massive bed and two dressers)
  • Kitchen (worktable, sinks, stove and cabinet)
  • Bookcases (large, one ordinary and one with a secret passage)
  • Mad Science Lab (Tesla coils, workbench, iron maiden, blinky machines)
  • Lounge (sofas, end tables, trunks)
  • Study (overstuffed chair, small bookcase and stand, desk, globe, clock)
  • Statuary (angels in three colors, roman soldier in green, armor)
  • Stuffed heads (moose, rhino, elephant, manticore)
  • Paintings (14 in various sizes)
  • Curtains (in 6 colors, both flat and swappable on anti-warp ledge walls)

Exterior Props:

  • Old-style Roadster (red, green, black and white)
  • Carriage (white, red and blue)
  • Chimneys (designed to work with TLX, plugging into floors for stability)
  • Marble pillars (with and without ivy)
  • Marble staute and fountain (with transparent water flowing)

Instructions, and full GSD support provided.

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Product Line

Looking for that extra special bit of set dressing to decorate your layout? Cruising the apocalyptic roads of warzone...whatever? PropsMaster is here to fill out all those special tabletop terrain needs! Furniture, genre specific mini-props, vehicles of all shapes and sizes, its all here!

  • Print, Build, Play! PDF download.
  • Various build modes
  • 28mm to 32mm scale props and vehicles

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$6.38 USD

Save 25%!

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