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PDF Download wwgscp Sci Fi The Vault 1" April 6, 2006
Designers: Paul Senior


Drifting in from deep space, SCP was discovered in 2113 by operators of the Fifth Amateur Space Telescope, while imaging the occultation of stars by the rings of Neptune. A lid of secrecy was clamped down immediately and a hastily assembled expedition was launched from Luna Base. The trip was difficult; to rendezvous with SCP would take almost two months of high acceleration. When they arrived many questions were answered...and many more mysteries born....

Based on our 7X7-inch tile format, ShadowCore Prime features over 20 unique wall modules that can be combined or used as freestanding units. Glue them down onto the different ground tiles to create dynamic interiors of this mysterious environment. Creative users will find much more than an "Alien" starship in this design as the set lends itself to a whole host of bizzare environments which will fit equally into many genres.

ShadowCore Prime Includes all of the Following:

  •     24 wall modules built for maximum modularity.
  •     2 bay windows and rounded window modules
  •     bio-organic Turret Pod
  •     1,2 and 3-inch wide doors with sliding mechanism
  •     Organic Airlock
  •     Plasma pulse engines
  •     Five mysterious alien control consoles
  •     2 buttresses
  •     2-inch high stairs
  •     3X7 and 7X7 removable roofing modules for on-the-fly concealment
  •     Power Core with conduits
  •     2,3,5 and 7 inch double-sided richly detailed bio-organic corridor walls in various textures.
  •     6 unique alien floor tiles
  •     1/4" and 1/2" base edging strips
  •     Exterior ship sensor "Eyes"
  •     Bonus 'FirstLight' mashup corridor. Watch in horror as ShadowCore infects FirstLight!
  •     'Bringing it all together guide' with key layout diagrams
  •     Full color photographed instructions for all models
  •     Online video tutorials
  •     User support and established community at the WorldWorks games message board
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Product Line

Semi-retirement WorldWorksGames Style

The Vault is a special archive of our "Print, Build, Play!" products, circa 2002 upward, which utliize systems and standards developed prior to the introduction of TerrainlinX and other systems 2009 onward. Perfectly useable in their original format and an open archive of our continued terrain evolution.

Click here for more detailed descriptions of the systems used in these products.

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