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PDF Download wwgint Sci Fi PropsMaster 1:60 / 28mm July 11, 2011 25.5MB
Designers: Christopher Roe



Engage in high-speed pursuits on the skyways with this sleek, high-powered police pursuit vehicle. Its unmistakable silhouette alone can suddenly slow down every single car within line of sight to below the legal limit, and only the best drivers in the department are rated to drive an Interceptor.

Intimidatingly classy, the Interceptor is a fine addition to your cardstock police department's fleet.

This set includes models in the following schemes:

Standard Schemes

    8 blue/white Interceptors, all with different unit numbers
    8 classic black/white Interceptors, all with different unit numbers
    4 unmarked Interceptors for detectives and low-profile work

Bonus Schemes

    European-style blue-over-silver with multi-lingual markings
    UK, Swedish, and Hong Kong-style retroreflective Battenburg

Kitbash Aids

As a bonus, this model includes an editable version in Photoshop PSD format, which can be opened by many free graphics editors like The GIMP as well as low-cost editors like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop Elements. Beginners can recolor the model to their heart's content with little or no effort, using just the flood fill and brush tools. Advanced users can insert additional layers and create more complex color schemes.

This set also includes automated GSD cutting files and illustrated instructions.

PDF Download $1.88 USD

Save 25%!

Product Line

Looking for that extra special bit of set dressing to decorate your layout? Cruising the apocalyptic roads of warzone...whatever? PropsMaster is here to fill out all those special tabletop terrain needs! Furniture, genre specific mini-props, vehicles of all shapes and sizes, its all here!

  • Print, Build, Play! PDF download.
  • Various build modes
  • 28mm to 32mm scale props and vehicles

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Gideon Money said:

Very cool car! Very Bladerunner-ey Outstanding if finicky model!

I have several of the sci fi ones built, ready to chase down my hover taxi....


Review Posted: August 27, 2011

Jeremy Bernhardt said:

The shape is a classic for sci-fi fans. You see the blue police version with the white checkerboard pattern down the side, and you know where the inspiration for this model may very well have come from.

The side pods for the front of the model won't really work as a rush job, but they're not too much trouble if you're building things at a reasonable pace. The rest of the model is a piece of cake.

I've already built a Hong Kong Interceptor and a classic blue/white Interceptor, I have a tan unmarked one waiting in my stack of printed models, and I'm planning to make cherry red and canary yellow sports car versions with the editable PSD. (When you've got this model in your hands, it really does scream SPORTS CAR!)

If you're table needs near future or sci-fi cars, you'll want some Interceptors to chase those speeders. The HL300 in the police schemes makes a great patrol car, too.


Review Posted: August 18, 2011

Viewing results 1-2 of 2
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$1.88 USD

Save 25%!

Was $2.50 USD