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PDF Download wwgcnr Fantasy Classics 1", 1.5" May 23, 2008 21.9mb
Designers: Matthew Lyon


Cathedrae Noctis: REQUIEM

ATTENTION: THIS IS A SUPPLEMENT AND IS NOT A COMPLETE SET! You MUST own Cathedrae Noctis to make use of the contents of this product!

Put on your Sunday best! Cathedrae Noctis: Requiem gives you the tools you need to rework your cathedral with a not-quite-so evil flavor! Inside and out, new doors, floors, add-ons, props and windows boost the core set's potential even further! Choose to simply tone down the evilness or completely re-work it in one of three different themes: Crux, Ahnk or Solar disc!

Cathedrae Noctis: REQUIEM includes the following:

  •     Generic props with theme-specific add-ons
  •     Generic doors in all sizes and styles
  •     Generic windows
  •     Generic floors and railings
  •     Generic wall trim (inside and out)
  •     3 new Rose windows
  •     Alcove add-ons for 3" and 6" walls
  •     Alternate caps-stones for pillar tops
  • And as always, fully photographed, step-by-step instructions to guide you through the assembly process!
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Dennis O'Brien said:

Hmmm, it is hard to write a review for an excellent product that relies so heavily on another excellent product. But when used with Cathedrae Noctis it increases the versatility of the set enormously. When it comes time for the GArgoyles game this set will come into its own.

I would almost call this an essential add on. Useless without CN, but oh, so very good when used together.


Review Posted: June 17, 2009

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$4.13 USD

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