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PDF Download wwgtoc Universal N/A N/A October 9, 2006
Designers: Paul Senior


Tower of CHAOS

The Tower of Chaos is an innovative, whimsical and fun dice rolling machine from WorldWorks Games. Halt forever the tragedies of lost dice, miniatures bowling and terrain jostling as you watch the dice tumble through the mechanism and into the lower tray. The suspense mounts as this randomizing menace spits out your dice onto the glaring eye of chaos! The exterior graphics make a dandy evil temple too!! Easy to build, fun to use and inexpensive, add the Power of the Tower to your next game session.

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Bruce Moffatt said:

This was my first WWG purchase. The instructions are clear and concise and the finished product is strong, attractive and durable, even after several years of dice chucking. The options provided are limited to an alternate colour set (red) and extra tentacles to enhance the look of the tower.

My only criticism of this design is that the tray is too small for a throw of more than 2-3 dice at one time. Not so good for games like Heroscape and other skull/shield combat systems.

For the pocket money price, this is an excellent product.


Review Posted: October 19, 2011

Asher Caswell said:

As my first purchase from world works games, I started off with something cheap and I can definately say I was impressed.


Review Posted: September 18, 2011

Jason Picheo said:

Great little addition to any gaming table. Works with all dice including D6. We even use it for Monopoly. No more scurrying under the table for overthrown dice. A must have for Axis and Allies.


Review Posted: June 3, 2009

Warren Sistrom said:


Review Posted: July 6, 2006

Robert Luhrman said:

World Works Games finally decided to listen to its customers about a Dice Tower.

Another great set by Paul Senior. For only a few dollars you can create one for each member of your gaming group.

I finished building mine last night and I love it. I have built others out of cardboard or shoe boxes. This is a high quality product that has an pinball type slide, so you can watch the dice bounce down, getting random rolls over and over again.

This is a must for any player, DM or wargamer. No more dice knocking down the troops or interfearing with your play. (Also keeps the felines at bay).


Review Posted: May 25, 2006

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$2.63 USD

Save 25%!

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