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PDF Download bpgothic Sci Fi BattlePacks N/A April 8, 2011 12mb
Designers: Matthew Lyon


Battle Packs: Gothic Sci-fi

World Works Games presents Battle Pack #3: Gothic Sci-Fi! Perfect for anyone battling in the far darkness of the grim future, each element is graphically themed to compliment and enhance your gaming experience! Keep tabs on whose turn it is with the sun-dial like turn counter! Rack up the victory points with a tumbler you customize to fit your game's points range! Need to keep tabs on something on the tabletop? This set has you covered with counters for everything from keeping track of player conditions like poisoning and burning to knowing who's charging or retreating, to targeting, pinning, weapons jams, overwatch and more! Even the altitude and speed of tanks, jets and robots and the myriad conditions unique to vehicles and their crews are covered! There's a even a set of mines to litter your battlefield with (the lucky will find duds but the for the rest... BOOM)! So load up your railgun and charge your jump-packs, it's time to earn those medals, soldier!

Battle Pack #3- Gothic Sci-fi includes all of the following:

  • 12 Mines, 6 Duds and 6 Boom!
  • Sun-Dial Turn Counter for 9 Turns
  • Customizable Victory Points Tumbler
  • Conditional counters for Poisoned, Petrified, Stunned, Paralyzed, On Fire, Frozen, Blind, Infected, Shielded, Cloaked and Prone
  • Unit Orders for Hold, Retreat, Charge, Moved, Regroup and Run
  • Unit Markers for Pinned, Supressed, Targeted, Activated, Fired, Recharge, Jammed and Objectives
  • Overwatch counters
  • Flight Level markers for Low, Medium and High altitudes plus Hover and Strafe
  • Vehicle Speed counters for Basic, Combat, MAX and RAM
  • Vehicle and Crew Conditions for Immobilized, Overheated, Destroyed, Shut Down, Repair, Crew Shaken, Crew Stunned and Weapon Destroyed
  • And as always this set includes fully illustrated, easy to follow instructions.
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Product Line

Battle Packs, a new dimension in gaming accessories! Just "Print, Build and Play!" your essential gaming token needs! Blast/flame templates, "cinematic" explosions, plumes of smoke, spell damage, fire-arcs, vehicle turn templates, wound tracking, psychological effects, fate points with dozens of distinct counters and markers! BattlePacks have something for every playing style!

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Gideon Money said:

My game group loves this, I have sent them to WWG I hope they all buy a set!

We use it for 40K, Warmachine and SW mini's games.


Review Posted: August 27, 2011

Dan Miner said:

Great 40k vehicle/squad counters.... With my robocutter I was able to cut/glue/edge the whole set in under 1 hour which was a complete set for about 4 vehicles. Use them all the time.


Review Posted: July 26, 2011

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$2.63 USD

Save 25%!

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