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PDF Download wwgcotr Fantasy N/A N/A October 20, 2006
Designers: Alberto Silva, Bob Cooper, Joel Sparks


Coins of the Realm

Feast your eyes on richly detailed coin sets suitable for play with your custom campaign settings. Not only do we include a chest full of unique coin designs but we also include gold bars and an ornate wooden treasure chest to store your loot! This incredible treasure chest even comes with a secret removable compartment to hide away those extra special possessions.

And just because we like to push that immersion factor we've even included counterfeit coins to trick attention span challenged players ;)

Coins of the Realm Includes all of the following:

  • Coins representing three different cultures...Elven, Dwarven, and Human.
  • The coins, variably (each nation is different) come in copper, silver, gold and/or platinum, and in some cases, in multiple additional denominations. Great for generic fantasy games!
  • Counterfeit coins to fool unsuspecting players!
  • Ornate treasure chest complete with optional hidden compartment.
  • Gold bars!
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Ben Farrow said:

I've only been making the dwarven coins so far, but already love them. The 3 layers of card make them really substantial; the thickness is great for keeping them flat. I think my card is a bit too thick though, as I can't get the glowing runes to work with the sun, only with my desk lamp.

I plan to try the chest out soon, as it looks pretty simple to make.

All in all, great set, and I love how you get the fake versions of coins, too!


Review Posted: May 26, 2012

Chad Hackman said:

This was part of my first big purchase to be used for storing a Mordheim Warband and gaming tools. I must say that this is very strong, visually and structurally. However, I had some difficulty getting both front sides to close flush. My next build will hopefully correct that proplem. I look forward to making more. The coins look cool too, but I don't plan on using them.


Review Posted: March 21, 2010

Mark Jeschke said:

In our RPG gaming group, handouts and visual aids often help to spice up our games. This set helps out in that regard with a variety of coin designs.

Each of the three coin sets are distinct and for my group serve a different purpose.

The human coins could be used for your standard fantasy coins. There are a variety of sizes and metals so your standard D&D CP, SP, GP, PP plus more can all be represented.

Dwarven coins are axe head shaped and again come in a variety of metals.

The Elven coins reminded me of Spanish pieces of eight. The idea being that the coin is broken up into pieces and parts of the coin become smaller coins. So you end up with a literal Quarter, two bits, Half, etc. of the whole coin.

Also included are simple to make gold bars for large amounts of cash.

It should be noted that while there is documentation with the set laying out the values of all the coins, there is nothing on the coins themselves that particular forces the coins to be associated with the races listed above. So if you wanted to use the coins with three space faring races, that would be not hard to do.

There are also counterfeit versions of all the coins. Particularly good are the dwarven coins which have a few innovative security features and caught my players by surprise.

I did not build the treasure chest but from the pieces it does look simple to build and reasonably good. My one concern here would be the durability of the chest over time.

In general I find this set to be on the good side of average. The coins are a nice handout for players when they find something odd, but I doubt I would use them all the time.


Review Posted: June 17, 2009

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