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Kitbash Download wwgktpt01 Fantasy Fan Kitbashes 1", 1.5", zero-grid April 14, 2009 28MB
Designers: Various


Pirate Treasury

Fan-Made Kitbash Compilation
The sixth official Compilation Package sets sail with a host of modifications for the Maiden of the High Seas...over a dozen kitbashes rolled into one pirate's treasure chest well worth cracking open!

Matt Lyon, way back when, created our first Maiden of the High Seas kitbash with a set of black sails. One of the most drastic visual changes you can make for the Maiden, this set of black sails is an eyecatching modification indeed.

LD2062 brings us a 3D Boom, allowing you to add yet one more layer of depth and realisim to the riggins of your Maiden.

Echizen has been busy as well, with two fine improvements. A set of bunk hammocks to give your belowdecks housing a more realisticly cramped feel, and an excellent box entrance and stairs set to allow access to the hold from the maindeck.

Snizitch has been busy indeed, bringing us a brig wall to convert the aft portion of the lower deck into a pair of cells. He's also provided us with a huge assortment of pirate flags (many of them historic) and a swivel and harpoon gun to increase the armaments on deck. He's created the Skeletal Masthead with a host of new nameplates, and for even more variety...the Vulture kitbash, with both a Vulture masthead and emblazoned sail.

Finally, Bob Cooper has also been busy. Yet another masthead, this in the shapely form of a Succubus (nameplate included) and floating barrels and crates to mark where ships have gone down (or just tossed their cargo). A set of long oars to provide alternate means to move your Maiden, including rowers' benches for the lower deck. Last, but not least...a new Maiden kitbash. Six new alternate mainsails, each one emblazoned with one of the emblems you'll find on the flags and banners of Castleworks Ultimate or Interiorworks: Castles & Keeps.

Take a look at the images provided and see just how much nautical mayhem we've managed to pack into this huge compilation package!

The Pirate Treasury includes:

  • Pirate Sails (Every sail page of the Maiden in black)
  • 3D Booms (upper, lower, and front boom yardarms all in 3D versions)
  • Bunk Hammocks (double the hammocks in the same amount of floorspace)
  • Box Entrance and Stairs (provide mid-deck access to belowdeck areas)
  • Brig Wall (convert the belowdecks aft into prison cells)
  • Pirate Flags (20 of 'em!)
  • Swivel and Harpoon Gun (more armaments for the upper deck)
  • Skeletal Masthead (and an assortment of new nameplates)
  • The Vulture (masthead, nameplates and mainsail)
  • The Succubus (masthead and nameplate)
  • Floating Barrels and Crates (for cargo overboard)
  • Oars (to make the Maiden into a slave galley)
  • Alternate Sails (six new mainsail variations)

This kitbash compilation is a great companion package to the original Maiden of the High Seas!

Kitbash Download $4.50 USD

Save 25%!

Product Line

Fan kitbashes are user generated content derived directly from our model sets, games, textures and terrain systems. Kitbashes are 100% free to owners of the original model sets from which they are derived but remain open for purchase to those who don't own or require the original offering.  

How to Submit a Kitbash

To submit a kitbash please see our submission guidelines here

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Jason Picheo said:

This is a very useful addition to the Maiden product. You can basically make an entire fleet with these two products.


Review Posted: June 3, 2009

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$4.50 USD

Save 25%!

Was $6.00 USD