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Kitbash Download kboopp Fantasy Fan Kitbashes 1", 1.5", No Grid March 28, 2015 30 Mb
Designers: Michael Proteau


This set takes one 6" tile from the Oubliette of Peril and adds MORE PERIL. How much more? With this set you'll get:

  • A bar-covered bottomless pit.
  • Two pits (barred, or not) filled with green acid.
  • A pit (barred, or not) filled with lava.
  • A pit (barred, or not) with a dungeon floor bottom.
  • A pit (barred, or not) filled with murky water.
  • A pit (barred, or not) containing discarded corpses.

That's 13 tiles in all, provided in 1", 1.5" and gridless formats. Keeping with the tradition of the original Oubliette of Peril set, there are only anchored tiles - no anchorless versions are provided. The tiles use anchors from the original Oubliette of Peril set.

The kitbash comes with support for TerrainlinX Planner 1.5. To install the new model set, click on the "Add Model Set" button above the TERRAIN LIBRARY in the TerrainlinX Planner application. Browse to the Oubliette The Pit.tlx file that came with this kitbash, and the planner will import the model set.

Kitbash Download $1.88 USD

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Product Line

Fan kitbashes are user generated content derived directly from our model sets, games, textures and terrain systems. Kitbashes are 100% free to owners of the original model sets from which they are derived but remain open for purchase to those who don't own or require the original offering.  

How to Submit a Kitbash

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$1.88 USD

Save 25%!

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