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PDF Download wwggarden Fantasy TerrainLinX 1", 1.5", zero grid October 25, 2010 84.1
Designers: Matthew Lyon, Tomas Mennes, Denny Unger


The Garden

“An elaborate underground garden lit by softly glowing light coming from glowing crystals in the ceiling twenty feet above. Gravel walkways wind between, cracked granite benches and surround a cobblestone fountain filled with crystal-clear water. To the south, a gently flowing creek runs across a pebbly streambed that passes through a rock garden and into an iron grill drain along a passageway to the south. To the north, a lone almond tree stands in alcove, while to the west, a double arch leads to a small circular room. Four sandstone sculptures chiseled into the forms of huge angry faces stand throughout the room"

- Excerpt from Pathfinder Adventure Path #20: "House of the Beast"

This Pathfinder compatible terrain setting is ideal for ornamental garden locations of all shapes and sizes. From backyard, to royal grounds, to subterranean cavern of wonders! The Garden is completely TerrainlinX compatible and can be freely mixed and matched with all other TerrainlinX terrain settings. Build your garden complex to any required configuration or height, remove or add floors/walls on-the-fly and store everything flat when finished!

The Garden includes all of the following:


  •     3 Granite benches
  •     Cobblestone fountains
  •     Wooden bridge
  •     Almond tree
  •     3 Stone Speaker sandstone heads
  •     1”, 1.5” and 3” wide stair sections


  •     Grass, Gravel, Raised garden bed transitions & Water feature tiles in zero-grid, 1”-grid & 1.5”-grid formats
  •     Grass: 1- 6”X3”, 2- 3”X3” & 2- 6”X6” (in all grid & non-grid formats)
  •     Gravel: 1- 6”X3”, 2- 3”X3” & 2- 6”X6” (in all grid & non-grid formats)
  •     Raised bed transitions: 3- 6”X3”, 4- 3”X3” & 1- 6”X6” (in all grid & non-grid formats)
  •     Water features: 5- 6”X6” (in all grid & non-grid formats)


  •     15- 3” arch walls (with and without openings)
  •     4- 3” straight walls
  •     2- 6” straight walls
  •     6- 6” arched walls (includes waterfall)
  •     9- Short angle arched walls
  •     4- Long angle arched walls


  •     6- 3” walls with upper cave trim (includes 2 arch openings)
  •     8- 6” walls with upper cave trim
  •     4- Long angle walls with upper cave trim
  •     3- Short angle walls with upper cave trim


  •     Regular posts
  •     Angular posts
  •     2-story posts low (angular posts included)
  •     2-story posts high (angular posts included)


  •     All files automated cutter friendly for those with CraftRobo or Silhouette SD craft cutters.
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Product Line

Introduced to our catalog in late 2009, TerrainlinX is our PDF "Print, Build, Play" 100% modular terrain system. Includes full automated craftcutter (Robocutter) support making it the ultimate home fabrication terrain alternative. Build as much as you want, as BIG as you want, whenever you want!

FREE instructions, video of the system in action and dimensions: click here!

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Michael Proteau said:

I'm not a Pathfinder guy so I'm not using this in the context that inspired it. The neat thing about The Garden is that it captures really well this fantastical sense of a long forgotten, overgrown city, and so it's really applicable to lots of fantasy environments. The archways and walls, to me, really make this set a joy. It's very easy to set up a labyrinth of multi-level areas to explore, and the ground tiles lend to the atmosphere nicely.

The trouble with the sets WorldWorksGames makes is that they're so well done, you can't help but want more. With this set, I'd like to have more options for how I can use the water tiles, and more options for laying out gravel paths. But these are things I *want*, not things I feel are *needed* in the set. As it is, you can create beautiful and immersive environments.


Review Posted: July 27, 2011

Viewing results 1-1 of 1
Page: 1
$8.63 USD

Save 25%!

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