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PDF Download tlxlotdg Fantasy TerrainLinX 1", 1.5" April 15, 2011
Designers: Denny Unger, Bob Cooper


Lair of the Dragon God: TerrainlinX Edition

The furnace heat of the lava channels flows throught the mountain...a mountain that was not originally the dragon's realm.  But today, he is the undisputed master.  Welcome to the Lair of the Dragon God (TerrainlinX Edition), the latest in a series of conversion projects to take our previous sets and bring them up to the new standard, adding new life and new capabilities along the way.

This vast, sprawling dungeon complex is host to all of the following:


  • All standard lengths and formats are supported, the standard 3" and 6" long walls, the angled 4.24" and 8.48" diagonals, and the curved arcwall.
  • Double-height walls are also included in the 3" and 6" lengths.
  • Plain stone, decorated stone, and outlets for pouring forth lava (both quiet and active).
  • Archways, wooden doors and magically sealed doors.
  • Even 3" and 6" long archways to tie an area together without fully blocking it off with a wall.
  • Fully supported with regular, angle, and double-height posts, as well as multi-floor connectors.


  • 1" and 1.5" formats suported, as well as lava flows without grid markings.
  • Tiles presented with both anchored and anchorless formats to suit whatever your building needs may be.
  • Two varieties of stone, smoking pots, lava flows both small and large, traps, iron grillworks over flowing lava, flaming pits, empty lava channels, an altar, a summoning chamber, and even a treasury with fold-up sealed doors.
  • Both low and high railings.


  • The massive Dragon Doors the width of an entire full wall.
  • Flowing lava spouts that can be added to your lava outlet walls to add a 3D effect.
  • A new "lock and key" visual token system that can be tied into your games in whatever matter is most convenient.
  • 1", 1.5" and 3" wide stairways.
  • A new Ramp design allows you to create both narrow (3") and wide (6") ramps by dropping in any standard hall or big tile you choose!


  • The original Lair's Dragon has gotten a facelift...redesigned to look even more fearsome than ever.
  • Three new colorations of the dragon are now availble.  To the original red is added a blue, black, and green dragon.
  • Two different styles of wing, original and outstretched.


  • When balconies just won't do.  The catwalk system allows you to create 1" or 1.5" wide structures reaching out over the top of your chambers without a supporting tile on the other side of the wall to tie into.  Add pillars to the corners of your chamber, fitting them right into the standard posts (pillars come in plain and lava-based varieties, and include the option of iron ladders to reach the catwalks above).  Then slot the catwalks into the pillars for an instant, sturdy structure.  Top it all off with a variety of bridges to interconnect them.


  • The Lair wouldn't be complete without the official WWG "Terrain Box".  It's a storage box for your Lair of the Dragon God set, but it's also a part of the terrain...designed that when you unpack its contents, you can insert it into the build to further extend your layout.  Comes in one and two level formats with optional door.


  • All files automated cutter friendly for those with CraftRobo or Silhouette SD craft cutters.
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Product Line

Introduced to our catalog in late 2009, TerrainlinX is our PDF "Print, Build, Play" 100% modular terrain system. Includes full automated craftcutter (Robocutter) support making it the ultimate home fabrication terrain alternative. Build as much as you want, as BIG as you want, whenever you want!

FREE instructions, video of the system in action and dimensions: click here!

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Jeremy Hattendorf said:

I bought LAIR OF THE DRAGON GOD a few days ago, I just finished the black dragon and its pretty cool, I've painted lots of the metal dragons, and am always having problems with it falling apart or dropping it and chiping the paint, though I love the detail in them, these paper dragons are great, light weight and reprintable, come with options for the wings, and a few options for posing the dragon. Having no problems with it standing up. Lots of different tiles. Great addition to my TerrainlinX collection. Two thumbs up.


Review Posted: October 13, 2013

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$8.63 USD

Save 25%!

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