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N/A WYRTC103 Fantasy TerraClips 1" Natural Grid / 28-32mm August 4, 2011 N/A
Designers: Matthew Lyon, Denny Unger


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Sewers of Malifaux

Create a sprawling sewer network to sit below your city streets. Build a vast tunnel system or branch out into open, multi-level chambers full of dark mystery!

100% Table Ready!

TerraClips™ is a highly modular tangible, retail 3D terrain system which is 100% table ready for time constrained gamers. Made from 1.7mm thick, high-density punchboard with die-cut components, which clip together using our patent pending TerraClips connector system. No printing, no cutting, no painting, no special skills required!

Complete Design Freedom!

TerraClips allows creators to freely design full 3D layouts with multi-level, inside/outside playing access. Mix & match components for an unprecedented range of terrain combinations and designs.

TerraClips is suitable for 25mm to 32mm miniatures, tabletop gaming and role playing systems and comes with a natural (hidden) 1" grid.


Sewers of Malifaux contains all of the following:

16 - Double-Sided 6”X6” Sewer Tiles

  • 16 - Straight Aways
  • 1 - Bridge Tile
  • 4 - Transitions
  • 2 - Collecting Pools
  • 1 - Blank Tile
  • 6 - Turns
  • 1 - X-Intersection
  • 1 - T-Intersection

32 – Double-Sided 3”X3” Sewer Tiles

  • 24 - Straight
  • 8 - Drains
  • 4 - T's
  • 16 - Blank
  • 8 - Turns
  • 4 - X's


  • 24 - Double-Sided 3”X2” Wall Sections
  • 24 - Double-Sided 6”X2” Wall Sections
  • 3 - Single Width Stair Cases
  • 1 - Double Width Stair Case
  • 3 - Miniature-Friendly Functional Ladders
  • 34 - Hand Rail Sections
  • 36 – Modular Balcony Sections

You save! TerraClips Connectors Sold Separately

Our patent pending TerraClips connectors are as flexible and modular as the terrain itself. You will require a different amount of various clip types depending on the size and complexity of your unique build. You may want the added flexibilty extra terrain purchases will bring to your table but you won't always need more clips! Instead of increasing individual terrain box costs, we're passing the savings on to you by giving you the ability to determine exactly how many clips you feel you need for your unique usage requirements.

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1 Connector Combo Pack recommended for Sewers of Malifaux starter purchase.

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