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PDF Download wwgumsom Modern The Vault 1", 1.5", zero grid March 1, 2005
Designers: Denny Unger


Urban Mayhem: Streets of Mayhem

Streets come to life with litter, dirt, cracks, oil stains and chipping paint, your players won’t believe their eyes! 10, 7"X7"  road and rail tiles in all 3 popular grid formats (1-inch, 1.5-inch and no Grid)...

  •     Crossroads
  •     T-Intersection
  •     Curved Street
  •     Straight Street
  •     Wasteland Tile
  •     Parking Lot (In two formats)
  •     Curved Rail
  •     Straight Rail
  •     Railroad Crossing

4-inch high stackable 3-D bridges for added dimension...

  •     Subway Ramp
  •     Straight Bridge
  •     Curved Bridge

Atmosphere building 3-D props...

  •     2 styles of street lamps
  •     Traffic lights
  •     10 varieties of street signs with posts
  •     3-inch high pedestrian overpasses
  •     Billboards with front and back ledges for figure placement (3 unique billboard signs & blank templates included)
  •     Concrete blockades
  •     Construction horses
  •     Subway entrances
  •     Train gate with swinging arm
  •     Pothole damage markers.

As an added bonus we’ve included both standard tiles and our “PaperlinX 2005” tile and tab system. We show you how to properly mount your tiles for added longevity and tie them all together with a unique series of tabs for on-the-fly game play. Change up your layout with ease and rest easy knowing that it won’t move when the table is banged by the group klutz ;)

PDF Download $8.63 USD

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Product Line

Semi-retirement WorldWorksGames Style

The Vault is a special archive of our "Print, Build, Play!" products, circa 2002 upward, which utliize systems and standards developed prior to the introduction of TerrainlinX and other systems 2009 onward. Perfectly useable in their original format and an open archive of our continued terrain evolution.

Click here for more detailed descriptions of the systems used in these products.

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Daniel K Scsavnicki Jr said:

I am a first time buyer of this website and product in general and some may agree that this deserves more than 5 stars. I will buy more for sure to use for my gaming.


Review Posted: August 11, 2012

Peter Dixon said:

I just discovered these products a few days ago and thought they would be perfect for a game I am arranging. This was the first set I bought, and after a few hours cutting and glueing a whole gaming environment just falls into place.

I was impressed, the players were impressed and the whole thing looked...impressive! And cheap :) I can't wait to buy more!


Review Posted: August 28, 2009

John Morrison said:

Although I rarely play modern games I was very impressed with UrbanMayhem: Streets of Mayhem. The textures, props and tile design will allow you to get a thriving metropolis moving in no time.

Well done set and worth the price of admission!


Review Posted: June 4, 2009

Robert Luhrman said:

The Streets of Mayhem is where the Mayhem sets from World Works Games ( starts off.

It has street tiles, parking lot tiles, a wasteland tile, train track tiles and elevated train track tiles with the support structure underneath. There are odds and ends included with the set including a Billboard setup, railroad crossings, a pedestrian overpass, street lamps, traffic lights, street signs, and blockades.

The set is well done for a very basic “there is where you start” set. There are no buildings at all which is sort of a bummer, but for $10 it is well worth the price even without any buildings. Since this is a PDF product you can print as many tiles as you need to create as large a city street setup as you want.

The street tiles are very well detailed with litter strewn around, etc. The randomness to the litter is enough to where you cannot notice with out really trying to see a pattern. Quick glances and normal game play do not reveal any patterns. For the street tiles there are a T-section, 4 way intersection, straight through, and a curved. All of these join up nicely and the stripes in the roadway line up well. The curved can be rotated to vacilitate making 4 corners of a roadway.

The Railroad tiles come in straight through and curved. They are very nicely detailed with gravel and a safety strip along the sides so pedestrians know not to go walking on the tracks. The tracks are to be for a subway which is not included. The subway ramp and the straight and curved subway bridges are very nicely detailed and once assembled are very sturdy. Sturdy enough for very large metal miniatures to stand on. As a test I put on all my Heavy Warjacks from Warmachine and they sat nicely (all 5 of them) without any issues. I have seen modifications where users have put the roadway tiles over the rail tiles on the ramp and bridges (both curved and straight) and it looks great. So there is a lot of versatility that can come from the whole set.

The wasteland tile is great to use for places where something has been destroyed. You can change the whole layout of a city by strategically placing these around the board, to show destroyed road, a building, etc.

The odds and ends that come with the set are very nice too. They are detailed and once assembled and put on the board, really help to bring the board to life. If done well enough, a whole board could be built without buildings and still look great.

The only drawbacks to me for this set were not enough types of road tiles. It would have been nice to have the ability to have wider roads (not just 2 lanes, but 3 or 4 lanes) with turn lanes, etc. The parking lot tiles while nice are not really street type parking, they are actual parking lots with the word STOP written on the road. These are very minor and I am hoping that World Works will create more road tiles down the road (pun intended). There is so much that could be added to this set (as a Streets of Mayhem 2).

I recommend the entire Mayhem line, but the other sets are sort of useless without the Streets of Mayhem. So if campaigning or war gaming in a modern environment, the Streets of Mayhem is where to start.


Review Posted: March 10, 2006

Kai Teck Ng said:

Nice set with lovely textures.

I would have prefered some of the roads to have less distinctive litter so that it doesn't get repeated around the board. But after a printing out a few test pieces, they are not as obvious as I first thought.


Review Posted: September 25, 2005

Viewing results 1-5 of 5
Page: 1
$8.63 USD

Save 25%!

Was $11.50 USD