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PDF Download wwgam20 Western / Victorian N/A 28mm June 2, 2007
Designers: Alberto Silva, Bob Cooper


A Maiden's 20 - d20 & Savage Worlds

Come listen, young cabin boy! And learn about the fate of a legendary ship, The Maiden, and some of its most renowned crewmembers.

A Maiden's 20 represents the first launch in the new range of WorldWorks paper miniatures! Combining the talents of Alberto Silva, Bob Cooper and Joel Sparks, this collection of rogues is all you need to take your first steps into the perilous world of piracy! Daring adventurers! Perverted villains! Disciplined sailors standing against mind controlled zombies! Phantoms! And a hook handed monkey! Every miniature in A Maiden's 20 is highly detailed, full colour, and allows for two different basing options: a quick simple basing system or an advanced (more flexible) one.

But the package wouldn't be complete without a helpful booklet containing full d20 & Savage Worlds statistics and character bios for every single character and creature in the set. You'll find plenty of ideas and inspiration for your games there! Take the role of Admiral Harris and command The Maiden of the High Seas in pursuit of The Rising Fortune and its dreadful captain, Juan "Black Jack" Bocanegra. Play the part of daring Lady Virginia and face up the wicked powers of Mambo Carmel. Or become a bold pirate of hearts, just like the dangerous, but charming, Captain Roberts.

A Maiden's 20 - d20 & Savage Worlds includes the following:

  •     1x Captain Pirate Roberts
  •     1x Chaffardet, Captain Roberts' Valet
  •     1x Lady Virginia
  •     1x Otgun, Lady Virginia's Eunuch Bodyguard
  •     1x Admiral John Harris
  •     1x Paul, the Cabin Boy
  •     1x Giant Alligator
  •     1x Doctor Nicholas, Ship’s Surgeon
  •     1x ‘Nurse’ Polly, Doctor Nicholas’ Parrot
  •     1x Edward Robson, Ship’s Cook
  •     5x Ship’s Regulars
  •     1x Captain Bocanegra
  •     1x Mambo Carmel, the Voodoo Priestess
  •     1x Doffin Mundi, the Hook-Handed Monkey
  •     5x Voodoo Zombis
  •     2x Plague Victims
  •     1x Ghost Pirate "Smiley Pete"
  •     1x Ghost Pirate "Black Powder Bart"
  •     1x Ghost Pirate "Cutter"
  •     1x Ghost Pirate "Spittin' Mad Smitty"
  •     12x Removable Bases
  •     # A booklet containing assembly instructions, full d20 & Savage Worlds statistics and character bios.
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